Many websites already transitioned from HTTP to HTTPS. If you still have not secured an SSL Certificate for your site, then we highly recommend that you do it the soonest possible time.
Google is serious about taking web security one notch higher. Remember that Google has started labeling websites that are not using an SSL Certificate with the Not Secure message. You surely do not want to be included on the Not Secure list, right?

Did you know that apart from added security layer that SSL Certificates provide, using an SSL Certificate also impacts your site ranking? Yes, you read that right! SSL Certificates affect search engine optimization. Do you want to know how? There is only one way to find out, continue reading the article.

SSL Certificate and SEO

First, Google approves Sites using an SSL Certificate.
There is a reason why Google announced the need for sites to use an SSL Certificate – to protect both the customer and the business. If Google sees that your site is not using an SSL Certificate, Google will be prompted to include your site on their blacklisted site. You do not want to be blacklisted, right? Without an SSL Certificate, you lose the trust of your customers, and it will affect your online ranking. So make the right decision to transition from HTTP to HTTPS.

Second, websites with an SSL Certificate is a sign of trust and authority.
Millions of customers scour the internet looking for companies that they can transact business with. Potential customers check if a site is trustworthy or a legitimate business. Using an SSL Certificate shows your potential customers that you are a site that can be trusted. It also shows that you follow international security standards. Using an SSL Certificate means that your customers will be lured into your website. More customer views indicate a higher web ranking!

Third, websites with an SSL certificate get better conversion rates.

Let us face it; customers will proceed with their transaction if they feel that your site is secure. If a customer notices that you do not have an SSL Certificate, they will have second thoughts in proceeding with the transaction. If this happens, you lose a sale, lose a customer and worst get a bad image. Using an SSL Certificate will help your customers proceed with the business they want with your company. With SSL it means no more lost transactions!