It’s 2018 and the internet has evolved.

With all the hacking becoming more and more of a practice in almost an automated way online, Privacy and security have now become a top priority for most businesses.

Even the internet giant, Google has started leveraging more importance to secured sites. This means, if you own any kind of website(blog, eCommerce, Lead Magnets), then this is the right time to add Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection to your website.

SSL Protected Websites has just became #1 concern of most business owners!badge

Not to mention that WordPress is by far the most widely spread Content Management System (CMS) holding close to 30% of the market
share while hosting millions of websites.

Therefore, we have decided to help you with step by step guide on how to add an SSL-certificate by Let’s Encrypt to any WordPress website for protecting user privacy.

But let’s start with the genesis…